About the LSA – 19 Years of High Quality Tuition


The London School of Astrology was founded in 2000 to celebrate the start of the new millennium by Sue Tompkins and Christine Tate, two astrologers who had been successfully working together for over 15 years. While Sue Tompkins continues to teach for the LSA (alongside other top astrology tutors in the UK), the LSA is now run and managed hands-on by teacher, publisher and writer Frank Clifford.

The aim of the LSA is to provide a high standard of tuition by recruiting tutors who are experienced, practising astrologers; teachers and consultants who can bring with them the accumulated knowledge that is only acquired after many years of working on a day-to-day basis with planetary symbolism.

Their teaching shows that astrology, essentially a spiritual discipline, can be practical, holistic and have relevance to every aspect of everyday life.

Indeed, astrological principles can be applied to all things, from the understanding of our behaviour, emotions, health and relationships right through to events and happenings around us and the headlines in the daily newspaper.

The London School of Astrology offers classes, seminars and courses designed to enable the student to use the powerful tool of astrology for their own personal self-development.

There are a number of horoscopes that can be taken as the chart for the start of LSA. The one shown here is for the Introductory evening (our first public event) on 21 September 2000, 7pm BST at 51N33, 0W06.