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Palmistry Correspondence Course

Our Palmistry Correspondence Course offers email or postal tuition with Frank Clifford.

Firstly, the book is the course. Most of the reading and all of the assignments are in the new version of Frank's book. The assignments can be undertaken and the book read on your own without enrolling on this course. But the correspondence option offers the chance to gain the LSA‚ Diploma, receive additional reading/handouts/refs, and to have your work assessed and your learning guided by Frank. If you would like to learn with Frank's support, and work towards the Diploma, then read on.

What You'll Need:

The new edition of Palmistry 4 Today. If you haven't already got this, it can be bought from the LSA (£14.99, free postage to UK, £3 postage non-UK) or from Amazon or other online bookstores. The course book is designed to offer easy and memorable ways to interpret the language of the hands. It will provide a firm understanding of modern hand analysis (from skin texture to hand shape and size, digit length and setting, to fingerprint patterns, major and minor lines, palm markings, and timing). It will enable you to grasp the essentials of palmistry from real palm prints and case studies. You will also be encouraged to build up a collection of prints and to research your own case studies.

Palm printing equipment (a 3.5 or 4 inch rubber inking roller, Daler Rowney or Speedball water-soluble block printing ink (black), a small sheet of hard plastic or board, and an A4 or A3 art book). These can be bought or ordered from art shops. The LSA can supply you with a roller, a tube of ink and a board for £15 (incl postage).

What You'll Receive:

  • The course book and printing equipment (unless already purchased).
  • Guidelines to complete each assignment.
  • Additional handouts and mindmaps, plus recommended reading references (there will be a few other books by other authors recommended, but these are optional).
  • Feedback on completed assignments (these may range from brief to more extensive suggestions depending on the particular assignment and the help required).
  • Up to three online or telephone thirty-minute tutorials with Frank during the complete course.

Costs and Other Details:

There are ten assignments, each costs £30 (payable as you go to "London School of Astrology Ltd" by cheque, card or bank transfer). There are, at any given time, 18 places on the course and you'll have 18 months to complete all the assignments (this will be plenty of time, but the deadline may be extended if necessary). Once you've enrolled, you'll receive the notes/guidelines for the first assignment, and when completed/returned to Frank, you'll receive feedback and a pass/fail grade. Once an assignment has been passed, please send payment (if not already made) for the next, and guidelines to start the new assignment will be forwarded to you. If an assignment has been failed, you'll receive advice from Frank and have the option to retake once more. Once you've successfully completed the assignments, you'll be awarded the LSA's Diploma in Palmistry & Hand Analysis.

For further information or if you have additional questions, please contact Frank via the LSA office by telephone or by email.

Astrology Correspondence Course

If you live outside the London area or overseas and are unable to get to classes, correspondence courses are available from our sister school, The Mayo School of Astrology, now run by Wendy Stacey.

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