Certificate Exam

This is the first level of qualification and it is recommended that students will have undertaken at least 18 months study prior to completing both parts. All exams are now taken at home.

This exam level is designed to test the student's understanding of the main components of astrology and their ability to use these in basic principles astrological interpretation. Your ability to calculate charts will be examined as will a basic knowledge of the astronomy of the horoscope. General comprehension rather than a thorough knowledge is expected at this stage.

The successful acheivement of this level means that you have gained an 'apprentice level' of understanding and competence and are ready to move on to more complex studies. The Certificate is NOT a qualification of professional competence.

All examination passes from other reputable schools will be credited fully and candidates will NOT have to retake papers in subject areas that they have successfully passed before. Please provide details of papers passed with your application form.

Syllabus for Certificate Examinations

CERTIFICATE part 1: Basic Interpretation

Candidates will be expected to show a clear grasp of some basic principles (signs, planets, houses, aspects) and synthesize certain parts of the horoscope.

CERTIFICATE part 2: Intermediate Interpretation

Students could be asked to demonstrate knowledge of the following either individually or in combination: Triplicities, Quadruplicities, the Planets (but not Chiron or the Moon's Nodes), zodiacal signs, Houses, Aspects (including aspect patterns). Students will also be asked to answer a general question on astrology explaining what it is and its uses.