The LSA Team would like to congratulate the following 2021–2022 LSA Astrology Diploma holders:
  Zhen Li, Dip. LSA
  Yu Xiao, Dip. LSA
  Ye Hu, Dip.LSA
  Claire Brinkman, Dip. LSA
  Xiaojing Liu, Dip. LSA
  Lingfang Liu, Dip. LSA
  Juan Li, Dip. LSA
  Yanyu Wu, Dip. LSA
  Qiqi Chen, Dip. LSA
  Yu Qinglong, Dip. LSA
  Yu Yu, Dip. LSA
  Hu Enchan, Dip. LSA
And 2021–2 LSA Astrology Certificate holders:
  Mark Periklis
  Pemra Ugural
  Jiang Yu Jie
  Kamile Cekunove
  Haifa Rashed
And two new 2021 Hand Analysis Diploma holders:
  Barb Angel
  Tracey Overton-Murphy
And 2021 LSA Tarot Certificate holders (London course with Sue Farebrother):
  Nicola Brougham
  Olga Jaffe
  Joe Morgan
  Alison Mudway
  Elaine Papworth Vasconcellos
  Linda Saint
  Karen Olivares Stasiw
  Dinaz Trudeau
  Hatti Williams
And 2020–2021 LSA Tarot Certificate holders (online course with Mario Trevino):
  Heidi Campbell
  Gilly Catt
  Pauline Reid-Brown
  Margaret Roberts
  Dee Robinson
  Yuhan Shi
  Laura Young
  Sophie Clark
  Danne Fu
  Yunzi Han
  Debra Hardy
  Alan Cui Huaizhou
  Johanna Lloyd
  Andrea Munno
  Tuck-Cheek Phung

  Beth Scannell
  Nancy Searle
  Brigitte Seidl
  Mark Veroneau
  Shengrong Bao

  Carlotta Giles

  Sukhy Nijjar
  Yuan Qi
  Echo Wang
  Karen Wright
  Yuxin Zhao
We’ll be updating this page with details of former and graduating students.
If you’ve studied with us, email us details of what you’re currently doing and your website details. We’ll have a list of certificate and diploma holders from various courses and branches of the LSA.