Year 1 – Our Foundation Course

Once again this year, we are offering both a weeknight and Saturday study option for beginners. Students enrolled on a weeknight will have the option of attending Saturday beginners’ classes (and vice versa) at no additional cost. Students will receive a timetable of which topics are taught/repeated when, and may mix-and-match to suit their own schedule. £255 per term (£480 for two terms, £720 for three terms paid together).

All classes are recorded and made available to students on a Google Drive, which also contains articles, charts and handouts.

Click here to book and pay for a course or telephone +44 (0) 20 8402 7772.

Weekly evening option, 7pm to 9.20pm:

8-week terms plus 1 Saturday seminar per term (3 terms in the year)

Learn the essential tools and ‘language’ of astrology: the zodiac signs, planets, aspects and houses; work on your own charts and the horoscopes of people in the news, and start to spot and synthesize major chart themes. You’ll also learn astrology in ‘real time’ by watching charts animated dynamically using the latest software.

Suitable for newcomers or those wishing to refresh their knowledge or fill in the gaps, this course provides a firm foundation in astrological principles. Optional assignments completed during the year comprise Paper 1 of the LSA’s Certificate.

Term 1: Tuesdays, 22/10–10/12 plus Saturday 14/12

Topics: the glyphs and structure of the chart; elements and modes; the Sun–Moon cycle; the zodiac signs; the planets; mixing/matching planets in signs and in combination; working with the Sun, Moon and Ascendant.

Term 2: Tuesdays, 11/02–31/03 plus Saturday 04/04

Topics: planetary combinations; aspects; chart shapings; the angles and houses; the Void of Course Moon; retrogradation; the nodes; how to read the ephemeris; mythology/psychology

Term 3: Tuesdays, 5/05–23/06 plus Saturday 27/06

Topics: interpretation and synthesis; planetary strength; Chiron; astrology and physicality; a live ‘mystery client’; an introduction to forecasting.

Saturday Seminar Option (10:30am to 4.45pm) :

4 Saturday seminars per term (3 terms in the year)

Our complete Saturday Beginners’ Course at Friends House in Euston comprises 12 Saturdays from November to June, from 10.30am to 4.45pm. These usually take place every fortnight and there are four seminars a term.

The Saturday course will cover the same ground (with some different examples) but may, on occasion, have different tutors to the weeknight (Year 1) classes. Classes will be recorded, as always, for revision purposes or if you have to miss a session.

Here’s a breakdown of the dates/topics:

Term One: Saturdays

2 Nov: Introducing the horoscope; elements and modes; lunation cycle

16 Nov: The signs of the zodiac; the Ascendant, Sun, Moon

30 Nov: The planets: Mercury to Pluto

14 Dec: Planets in sign and in combination (joint seminar for Tuesday and Saturday groups)

Term Two: Saturdays

22 Feb: The twelve houses and four angles; rulership and the chart ruler

7 March: The major aspects; chart shapings; decans

21 March: Nodes; retrogrades; the Void of Course Moon; chart practice

4 April: Exploring the psychology of Mercury and Mars (joint seminar for Tuesday and Saturday groups)

Term Three: Saturdays

16 May: Planetary strength in the horoscope; drawing the chart; interpretation practice

30 May: Chart interpretation day

13 June: Physical facets of the planets and signs; Chiron

27 June: Introducing forecasting and transits (joint seminar for Tuesday and Saturday groups)