Year 2 – Our Intermediate Course (Thursday evenings from October 2021)

We’re live online this coming autumn (2021) and have a Saturday London live seminar in Euston once a term for Year 2 (also live streamed and recorded).

Firstly, you may wish to read or download our prospectus by clicking here or to take a look at our events page to see what’s coming up. 

Click here to book and pay for a Year 2 course (or see Bundles option if you want to pay for more than one term) or telephone +44 (0) 20 8402 7772 to pay by phone.

Weekly, evenings from 7pm to 9.20pm, plus one Saturday (11am to 4.30pm):

This course now comprises all pre-recorded videos and exclusive access to our live Zoom classes and London live classes. See our prospectus for full dates and details. 18+ hours of pre-recorded videos and six 2-hour weeknight tutorials (plus one Saturday seminar in London and live-streamed and recorded) per term.

This is the ideal course to join if you already know the basics but want to learn techniques and develop fluency and confidence in interpretation and forecasting. An optional Paper 2 exam (taken at home during the year) completes the LSA Certificate in Astrology.

During this exciting year of study, you’ll develop your skills in interpretation and forecasting with class examples and live client work. You’ll be introduced to forecasting methods such as transits, planetary cycles, Solar Arc directions, secondary progressions, and returns. You’ll also learn essential tools and techniques for today’s working astrologer, including locational (astro-maps) and mundane astrology, plus the art of synastry (chart comparison).

£265 per term (£500 for two terms, £750 for three terms paid together).

Click here to book and pay for a Year 2 course or telephone +44 (0) 20 8402 7772.

Term 1: Six Thursdays live on Zoom from 28 October to 2 December 2021 and 1 Saturday (live in London, plus live-streamed and recorded) on 4 December 2021; as Term 1 has passed, all Thursday recordings are available with the pre-recorded sessions. All are welcome to start Term 1 at any time.

Topics: synthesis; configurations; polarities; psychology of forecasting; transits, major life cycles; transit diaries; parental dynamics

Term 2: Six Thursdays live on Zoom from 17 February 2022 to 24 March and 1 Saturday (live in London, plus live-streamed and recorded) on 26 March 2022

Topics: forecasting (solar arcs and progressions); solar and lunar returns, lunar gestation cycle, profections

Term 3: Six Thursdays live on Zoom from 5 May 2022 to 9 June and 1 Saturday (live in London, plus live-streamed and recorded) on 11 June 2022

Topics: synastry (relationship astrology); locational astrology; mundane