Year 3 – Our Advanced Course (Wednesday evenings from October 2020)

Covid Update: We’re live streaming until the venue reopens. Sign up and you’ll get both live links and videos of the live recordings.

Weekly, evenings from 7pm to 9.20pm:

8-week terms plus 1 Saturday seminar per term (3 terms in the year)

This self-contained Professional Training Apprenticeship Programme is for those of you planning to take your astrology further. The programme is designed to help you broaden your skills and scope as an apprentice astrologer, and prepare you step-by-step for reading charts and engaging in professional, paid client work.

Year 3 is open to all. Some knowledge of synastry, mundane and locational astrology is helpful. If you’re unsure of your current level, please feel welcome to contact the office to discuss it further.

Firstly, you may wish to read or download our prospectus by clicking here or to take a look at our events page to see what’s coming up. If you’re interested in online courses, click here for our online website.

£255 per term (£480 for two terms, £720 for three terms paid together).

Click here to book and pay for a course or telephone +44 (0) 20 8402 7772.

We’ve built a course that will take your astrology to a higher level. The Apprenticeship Programme is ideal for those of you wishing to:

• Raise your astrology to a professional standard and prepare for client work

• Return to study, revise and develop your knowledge of astrological concepts and techniques

• Receive on-going support while completing your LSA Diploma

Using many new natal and forecasting case studies, you’ll learn how to:

• Synthesize and prioritize chart themes and articulate placements

• Explore symbols; engage in creative and spontaneous interpretations

• Use biography to follow trails and hear people ‘speak their charts’

• Participate in live client sessions and student-tutor dialogues

• Apply counselling skills and explore the astrologer-client relationship

• Use vocational, electional and horary tools for yourself and your clients

Year 3 students are encouraged to write or lecture – should they wish to do so. Some students are currently writing for specialist or general magazines, as well as lecturing at conferences and local groups.

Term 1: Wednesdays, 28/10–16/12 plus Saturday 28/11

Includes: forecasting practice, lunar gestation cycle, unaspected planets, counselling skills and articulating the chart, electional astrology, parental dynamics

Term 2: Wednesdays, 10/02–31/03 plus Saturday 27/02

Includes: electional astrology, the consultation chart, horary astrology, relationships

Term 3: Wednesdays, 05/05–23/06 plus Saturday 05/06

Includes: chart preparation, health/symptoms, rectification, mundane, tips for working astrologers, live client practice, eclipses