Recommended Books for the Student Astrologer

Students will receive a handful of books each year but here is a list of titles that we recommend for further study. Before purchasing, we suggest to get in touch to see which books you’ll receive during each year of study.

You can purchase any of the LSA-published volumes by visiting this page

Introductory Books

Ideal books for those starting their astrological journey:

__  Your Zodiac Soul (John Wadsworth)
__  The Sun Sign Career Guide (Walker & Sasportas)
__  Heaven Knows What (Grant Lewi)
__  Astrology for the Soul (Jan Spiller)
__  Romancing the Stars, formerly Suns and Lovers (Penny Thornton)
__  Sun Sign, Moon Sign (Charles Harvey and Suzi Harvey)
__  Moon Signs (Donna Cunningham)
__  Parkers’ Astrology (Derek & Julia Parker)
__  The Secret Language of Astrology (Roy Gillett)

Second Steps: Going Beyond Sun Signs

Introducing the building blocks of interpretation (signs, planets, aspects, angles and houses):

__  Key Words for Astrology (Banzhaf & Haebler)
__  Horoscope Symbols (Robert Hand)
__  Making the Gods Work for You (Caroline Casey)
__  The Knot of Time (River & Gillespie)
__  Astrology Decoded (Sue Farebrother)
__  Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook (Debbi Kempton-Smith)
__  Astrology Step by Step (Linda Reid)
__  The Twelve Houses (Howard Sasportas)
__  The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success (Frank Clifford)

Putting it Together: Chart Delineation

Leading the student through stages of chart interpretation and mix-and-match combinations:

__  The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Sue Tompkins)
__  Aspects in Astrology (Sue Tompkins)
__  Getting to the Heart of Your Chart (Frank Clifford)
__  How to Read Your Astrological Chart (Donna Cunningham)
__  The Combination of Stellar Influences (Reinhold Ebertin)
__  Midpoints (Michael Munkasey)
__  Planetary Aspects, formerly How To Handle Your T-square (Tracy Marks)
__  All Around the Zodiac (Bil Tierney)
__  Birth Charts (Frank Clifford, due 2020)

History/Philosophy/Tradition/Astrology Today

Focusing on the history and development of astrology, as well as its run-ins with science:

__  A History of Western Astrology vols 1 and 2 (Nicholas Campion)
__  Spheres of Destiny, and Neo-Astrology (both by Michel Gauquelin)
__  The Houses: Temples of the Sky (Deborah Houlding)
__  Hellenistic Astrology (Chris Brennan)
__  True as the Stars Above (Neil Spencer)
__  Astrology in the Year Zero (Garry Phillipson)

Leading Lights

Books by Stephen Arroyo, Brian Clark, Darby Costello, Steven Forrest, Liz Greene, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Robert Hand, Tracy Marks, Melanie Reinhart and Dane Rudhyar are excellent additions to your library.

Reference Books/Data Collections/Biographies

From ephemerides and planetary tables to data books of notable people for research:

__  The American Ephemeris 2001 to 2050 (or 1950 to 2050) at Midnight (Neil Michelsen)
__  The Book of World Horoscopes (Nicholas Campion)
__  Tables of Planetary Phenomena (Neil Michelsen)
__  AstroData I-V (Lois Rodden) now available on
__  The Astrologer’s Book of Charts (Frank Clifford)
__  A Multitude of Lives (Paul Wright)
__  Astrology in Action (Paul Wright)
__  British Entertainers: The Astrological Profiles (Frank Clifford)
__  The Book of Music Horoscopes (various)
__  American Histrology, formerly A Chronology of American Charts (Ronald Howland)

Relationship Astrology

Working with chart comparison and other methods of synastry:

__  Relating (Liz Greene)
__  Astrology for Lovers (Liz Greene)
__  Through the Looking Glass (Richard Idemon)
__  From the Moment We Met (Brian Clark)
__  The Family Legacy (Brian Clark)
__  Synastry (Ronald Davison)
__  Love Planets (Abadie & Bader)
__  Synastry (Penny Thornton)
__  Person-to-Person Astrology (Stephen Arroyo)
__  Do You Love Me? (John Green)

Psychological and Evolutionary Astrology, Fixed Stars, Centaurs and New Discoveries

Exploring the psyche, plus fixed stars and recently discovered planetary bodies:

__  Images of the Psyche (Christine Valentine)
__  The Astrology of Fate (Liz Greene)
__  New Insights in Modern Astrology (Arroyo & Greene)
__  The Luminaries (Greene & Sasportas)
__  The Inner Planets (Greene & Sasportas)
__  Astrology, Karma & Transformation (Stephen Arroyo)
__  Astrology and Psychology (Niemann & Cooper)
__  The Inner Sky (Steven Forrest)
__  From Symbol to Substance (Richard Swatton)
__  Understanding Karmic Complexes (Patricia Walsh)
__  Chiron and the Healing Journey (Melanie Reinhart)
__  The Magic of the Stars (Roderick Kidston)
__  The Future in the Stars, formerly Starry Messengers (Alison Chester-Lambert)

World: Mundane and Locational Astrology

Researching planetary cycles and world events, and books on locational methods:

__  Mundane Astrology (Baigent, Campion & Harvey)
__  Working with Astrology (Harding & Harvey)
__  Cosmic Trends (Philip Brown)
__  Signs of the Times (Ray Grasse)
__  What Does Joan Say? (Joan Quigley)
__  The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy (Jim Lewis with Kenneth Irving)
__  Astrolocality Astrology (Martin Davis)
__  From Here to There (various)

Professional, Therapeutic and Vocational Astrology

Preparing for client work, and books on using astrology for vocational guidance:

__  Between Astrologers & Clients (Bob Mulligan)
__  Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment (Adrian Ross Duncan)
__  Soul, Symbol and Imagination (Brian Clark)
__  Doing Time on Planet Earth (Adrian Ross Duncan)
__  The Professional Astrologer (various)
__  Communicating the Horoscope (various)
__  Planets in Therapy (Greg Bogart)
__  Dialogues: Tools for the Working Astrologer (Clifford & Jones)
__  The Consulting Astrologer’s Guidebook (Donna Cunningham)
__  Synthesis and Counselling in Astrology (Noel Tyl)
__  The Soul Speaks (Mark Jones)
__  Consulting with Astrology (Wendy Stacey)
__  Money: How To Find It with Astrology (Lois Rodden)
__  Vocation (Brian Clark)
__  Vocational Astrology, formerly Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile by Faye Cossar (Faye Blake)
__  In Search of a Fulfilling Career (Joanne Wickenburg)


Presenting insights into methods of forecasting, from transits and progressions to directions and lunar phases:

__  Planets in Transit (Robert Hand)
__  The Changing Sky (Steven Forrest)
__  The Gods of Change (Howard Sasportas)
__  The Solar Arc Handbook (Frank Clifford)
__  Lunar Shadows III (Dietrech Pessin)
__  Modern Transits (Lois Rodden)
__  Astrology for the Light Side of the Future (Kim Rogers-Gallagher)
__  Predictive Astrology, formerly The Eagle and the Lark (Bernadette Brady)
__  Prediction in Astrology (Noel Tyl)

Astrology and Philosophy

Discussing astrological and philosophical concepts:

__  Cosmic Loom (Dennis Elwell)
__  The Moment of Astrology (Geoffrey Cornelius)
__  Cosmos and Psyche (Richard Tarnas)
__  The Passion of the Western Mind (Richard Tarnas)
__  The Soul’s Code (James Hillman)
__  Conversing with the Planets (Anthony Aveni)
__  Hymns to the Ancient Gods (Michael Harding)

Palmistry/Modern Hand Analysis

A range of popular books for our palmistry/hand analysis courses:

__  Hand Psychology (Andrew Fitzherbert)
__  Palmistry 4 Today (Frank Clifford)
__  The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry (Johnny Fincham)
__  The Art of Hand Reading, The Complete Book of the Hand, and Health in Your Hands (all by Lori Reid)
__  Your Career in Your Hands, formerly Career, Success and Self-Fulfilment (Altman & Fitzherbert)
__  Modern Palmistry, formerly Living Palmistry and The Living Hand (Fenton & Wright)
__  The Palm Reading Guide (Frank Clifford)
__  Universal Hand Analysis (Madga van Dijk-Rijneke)
__  Palmistry: The Universal Guide (Nathaniel Altman)
__  The Encyclopedia of Palmistry (Ed Campbell)

Astrology Magazines in English

__  The Mountain Astrologer (USA, six issues a year)
__  The Astrological Journal (AA, UK, six issues a year)
__  Astrology Quarterly (ALL, UK, sporadically)
__  The Career Astrologer (OPA, US, quarterly)
__  Dell Horoscope (US, monthly) – ceased production in 2020
__  ISAR International Astrologer (US, quarterly)
__  IAM: Infinity Astrology Magazine (six issues a year)
__  Celestial Vibes (India, six issues a year)
__  FAA Journal (Australia, quarterly)
__  Wellbeing Astrology (Australia, annually)


__  Solar Fire (PC)
__  Astro Gold (Mac, mini version of Solar Fire)
__  Astro Gold (App)
__  Winstar from Matrix Software (PC)
__  World of Wisdom (PC)
__  TimePassages (PC and Mac)
__  Sirius, Kepler and Pegasus from Cosmic Patterns (PC)
__  Janus (PC)

For a list of recommended apps, please email the LSA.