Recommended Books for the Student Astrologer

Students will receive a handful of PDFs each year but here is a list of titles that we recommend for further study. Further down is an extensive list of five-star books, but first, we have a list of required/suggested reading for each term/course (e.g. Course 101 = Year 1, Term 1):

101: The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook by Sue Tompkins

102: The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas

103: Getting to the Heart of Your Chart by Frank Clifford

201: Astrological Time by Brian Clark

202: The Solar Arc Handbook by Frank Clifford

203: The Family Legacy by Brian Clark; From the Moment We Met by Brian Clark; Mundane Astrology by Baigent, Campion, Harvey

301: Vocational Astrology: Finding the Right Career Direction by Faye Blake; Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling by Brian Clark

302: The Horary Process by Richard Swatton

303: Soul, Symbol and Imagination: The Artistry of Astrology by Brian Clark; Between Astrologers & Clients by Bob Mulligan

You can purchase any of the LSA-published volumes by visiting this page

Introductory Books

Ideal books for those starting their astrological journey:

__  Your Zodiac Soul (John Wadsworth)
__  The Sun Sign Career Guide (Walker & Sasportas)
__  Heaven Knows What (Grant Lewi)
__  Astrology for the Soul (Jan Spiller)
__  Romancing the Stars, formerly Suns and Lovers (Penny Thornton)
__  Sun Sign, Moon Sign (Charles Harvey and Suzi Harvey)
__  Moon Signs (Donna Cunningham)
__  Parkers’ Astrology (Derek & Julia Parker)
__  The Secret Language of Astrology (Roy Gillett)

Second Steps: Going Beyond Sun Signs

Introducing the building blocks of interpretation (signs, planets, aspects, angles and houses):

__  Key Words for Astrology (Banzhaf & Haebler)
__  Horoscope Symbols (Robert Hand)
__  Making the Gods Work for You (Caroline Casey)
__  The Knot of Time (River & Gillespie)
__  Astrology Decoded (Sue Farebrother)
__  Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook (Debbi Kempton-Smith)
__  Astrology Step by Step (Linda Reid)
__  The Twelve Houses (Howard Sasportas)
__  The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success (Frank Clifford)

Putting it Together: Chart Delineation

Leading the student through stages of chart interpretation and mix-and-match combinations:

__  The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Sue Tompkins)
__  Aspects in Astrology (Sue Tompkins)
__  Getting to the Heart of Your Chart (Frank Clifford)
__  How to Read Your Astrological Chart (Donna Cunningham)
__  The Combination of Stellar Influences (Reinhold Ebertin)
__  Midpoints (Michael Munkasey)
__  Planetary Aspects, formerly How To Handle Your T-square (Tracy Marks)
__  All Around the Zodiac (Bil Tierney)
__  Birth Charts (Frank Clifford, due 2020)

History/Philosophy/Tradition/Astrology Today

Focusing on the history and development of astrology, as well as its run-ins with science:

__  A History of Western Astrology vols 1 and 2 (Nicholas Campion)
__  Spheres of Destiny, and Neo-Astrology (both by Michel Gauquelin)
__  The Houses: Temples of the Sky (Deborah Houlding)
__  Hellenistic Astrology (Chris Brennan)
__  True as the Stars Above (Neil Spencer)
__  Astrology in the Year Zero (Garry Phillipson)

Leading Lights

Books by Stephen Arroyo, Brian Clark, Darby Costello, Steven Forrest, Liz Greene, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Robert Hand, Tracy Marks, Melanie Reinhart and Dane Rudhyar are excellent additions to your library.

Reference Books/Data Collections/Biographies

From ephemerides and planetary tables to data books of notable people for research:

__  The American Ephemeris 2001 to 2050 (or 1950 to 2050) at Midnight (Neil Michelsen)
__  The Book of World Horoscopes (Nicholas Campion)
__  Tables of Planetary Phenomena (Neil Michelsen)
__  AstroData I-V (Lois Rodden) now available on
__  The Astrologer’s Book of Charts (Frank Clifford)
__  A Multitude of Lives (Paul Wright)
__  Astrology in Action (Paul Wright)
__  British Entertainers: The Astrological Profiles (Frank Clifford)
__  The Book of Music Horoscopes (various)
__  American Histrology, formerly A Chronology of American Charts (Ronald Howland)

Relationship Astrology

Working with chart comparison and other methods of synastry:

__  Relating (Liz Greene)
__  Astrology for Lovers (Liz Greene)
__  Through the Looking Glass (Richard Idemon)
__  From the Moment We Met (Brian Clark)
__  The Family Legacy (Brian Clark)
__  Synastry (Ronald Davison)
__  Love Planets (Abadie & Bader)
__  Synastry (Penny Thornton)
__  Person-to-Person Astrology (Stephen Arroyo)
__  Do You Love Me? (John Green)

Psychological and Evolutionary Astrology, Fixed Stars, Centaurs and New Discoveries

Exploring the psyche, plus fixed stars and recently discovered planetary bodies:

__  Images of the Psyche (Christine Valentine)
__  The Astrology of Fate (Liz Greene)
__  New Insights in Modern Astrology (Arroyo & Greene)
__  The Luminaries (Greene & Sasportas)
__  The Inner Planets (Greene & Sasportas)
__  Astrology, Karma & Transformation (Stephen Arroyo)
__  Astrology and Psychology (Niemann & Cooper)
__  The Inner Sky (Steven Forrest)
__  From Symbol to Substance (Richard Swatton)
__  Understanding Karmic Complexes (Patricia Walsh)
__  Chiron and the Healing Journey (Melanie Reinhart)
__  The Magic of the Stars (Roderick Kidston)
__  The Future in the Stars, formerly Starry Messengers (Alison Chester-Lambert)

World: Mundane and Locational Astrology

Researching planetary cycles and world events, and books on locational methods:

__  Mundane Astrology (Baigent, Campion & Harvey)
__  Working with Astrology (Harding & Harvey)
__  Cosmic Trends (Philip Brown)
__  Signs of the Times (Ray Grasse)
__  What Does Joan Say? (Joan Quigley)
__  The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy (Jim Lewis with Kenneth Irving)
__  Astrolocality Astrology (Martin Davis)
__  From Here to There (various)

Professional, Therapeutic and Vocational Astrology

Preparing for client work, and books on using astrology for vocational guidance:

__  Between Astrologers & Clients (Bob Mulligan)
__  Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment (Adrian Ross Duncan)
__  Soul, Symbol and Imagination (Brian Clark)
__  Doing Time on Planet Earth (Adrian Ross Duncan)
__  The Professional Astrologer (various)
__  Communicating the Horoscope (various)
__  Planets in Therapy (Greg Bogart)
__  Dialogues: Tools for the Working Astrologer (Clifford & Jones)
__  The Consulting Astrologer’s Guidebook (Donna Cunningham)
__  Synthesis and Counselling in Astrology (Noel Tyl)
__  The Soul Speaks (Mark Jones)
__  Consulting with Astrology (Wendy Stacey)
__  Money: How To Find It with Astrology (Lois Rodden)
__  Vocation (Brian Clark)
__  Vocational Astrology, formerly Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile by Faye Cossar (Faye Blake)
__  In Search of a Fulfilling Career (Joanne Wickenburg)


Presenting insights into methods of forecasting, from transits and progressions to directions and lunar phases:

__  Planets in Transit (Robert Hand)
__  The Changing Sky (Steven Forrest)
__  The Gods of Change (Howard Sasportas)
__  The Solar Arc Handbook (Frank Clifford)
__  Lunar Shadows III (Dietrech Pessin)
__  Modern Transits (Lois Rodden)
__  Astrology for the Light Side of the Future (Kim Rogers-Gallagher)
__  Predictive Astrology, formerly The Eagle and the Lark (Bernadette Brady)
__  Prediction in Astrology (Noel Tyl)

Astrology and Philosophy

Discussing astrological and philosophical concepts:

__  Cosmic Loom (Dennis Elwell)
__  The Moment of Astrology (Geoffrey Cornelius)
__  Cosmos and Psyche (Richard Tarnas)
__  The Passion of the Western Mind (Richard Tarnas)
__  The Soul’s Code (James Hillman)
__  Conversing with the Planets (Anthony Aveni)
__  Hymns to the Ancient Gods (Michael Harding)

Palmistry/Modern Hand Analysis

A range of popular books for our palmistry/hand analysis courses:

__  Hand Psychology (Andrew Fitzherbert)
__  Palmistry 4 Today (Frank Clifford)
__  The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry (Johnny Fincham)
__  The Art of Hand Reading, The Complete Book of the Hand, and Health in Your Hands (all by Lori Reid)
__  Your Career in Your Hands, formerly Career, Success and Self-Fulfilment (Altman & Fitzherbert)
__  Modern Palmistry, formerly Living Palmistry and The Living Hand (Fenton & Wright)
__  The Palm Reading Guide (Frank Clifford)
__  Universal Hand Analysis (Madga van Dijk-Rijneke)
__  Palmistry: The Universal Guide (Nathaniel Altman)
__  The Encyclopedia of Palmistry (Ed Campbell)

Astrology Magazines in English

__  The Mountain Astrologer (USA, six issues a year)
__  The Astrological Journal (AA, UK, six issues a year)
__  Astrology Quarterly (ALL, UK, sporadically)
__  The Career Astrologer (OPA, US, quarterly)
__  Dell Horoscope (US, monthly) – ceased production in 2020
__  ISAR International Astrologer (US, quarterly)
__  IAM: Infinity Astrology Magazine (six issues a year)
__  Celestial Vibes (India, six issues a year)
__  FAA Journal (Australia, quarterly)
__  Wellbeing Astrology (Australia, annually)


__  Solar Fire (PC)
__  Astro Gold (Mac, mini version of Solar Fire)
__  Astro Gold (App)
__  Winstar from Matrix Software (PC)
__  World of Wisdom (PC)
__  TimePassages (PC and Mac)
__  Sirius, Kepler and Pegasus from Cosmic Patterns (PC)
__  Janus (PC)

For a list of recommended apps, please email the LSA.