Fundraisers & Scholarships

This page chronicles the various fundraising activities of the LSA and the scholarships awarded for non-LSA events and conferences.

The Cordelia Feldman Scholarship: Cordelia was unable to complete her studies with us due to illness. She kindly donated three terms to students who would benefit. We awarded these to Susan Jones (201) and Evelina Campbell (101). The third will be given in early 2022. Sadly, Cordelia passed away 8 January 2022, and we thank her and her family for their generosity with the scholarship.

Recent donations (2020–) from lectures and book sales, including entire profits from The Book of Music Horoscopes ( link):

Astrological Association 2020 Conference (online): 12 full scholarships: £1434.00

FAA Conference (Melbourne, Australia): Frank’s book sales were donated to the Zodiac Appeal for the Bushfire Wildlife Rescue Support/National Animal Rescue Centre: AU$1500

Kira Sutherland Medical Astrology fundraiser: UCH Hospitals Charity for NHS meals: £1725.67

Kira Sutherland Medical Astrology fundraiser: Children Today Charitable Trust: £423.09

Ian Shaw lecture fundraiser: Side by Side Refugees: £180.00

Frank’s ISAR Intensive fundraiser (6 February 2021) for Side by Side Refugees: £1878.03

Frank’s Palmistry fundraiser (7 February 2021) for the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary: £827.54

Samvedana children’s charity (13 April 2021): £1000.00

Frank’s Palmistry fundraiser (8 May 2021) for MindOut LGBTQ mental health charity: £586.45

Brian Clark fundraisers (September and October 2021) for animal rescue/support charities ( in the UK and Lort Smith in Australia): £2067.46. Please support these events by signing up here. Plus an additional £500 to the Greyhound Rescue Shelter in Australia.

Palmistry 2021 Conference fundraiser (23–24 October 2021) for ELIFAR (Every Life is For a Reason): £2552.16

Frank’s Draconic day (Apr 2022) for the Peter Tatchell Foundation: £850

Spring 2022 Fundraiser (three talks given by Lynne Wilson, Vicky Maloney and Kira Sutherland) for the homelessness charity St Mungo’s: £2870.00

Boy George Fundraiser for £3560, Please continue to support this event by signing up here and we’ll continue to send the charity funds.

Bringing our fundraising efforts (as of Apr 2022) to £21,500!