Fundraisers & Scholarships

This page chronicles the various fundraising activities of the LSA and the scholarships awarded for non-LSA events and conferences.

Recent donations (2020–) from lectures and book sales, including entire profits from The Book of Music Horoscopes ( link):

Astrological Association 2020 Conference (online): 12 full scholarships: £1434.00

FAA Conference (Melbourne, Australia): Frank’s book sales were donated to the Zodiac Appeal for the Bushfire Wildlife Rescue Support/National Animal Rescue Centre: AU$1500

Kira Sutherland Medical Astrology fundraiser: UCH Hospitals Charity for NHS meals: £1725.67

Kira Sutherland Medical Astrology fundraiser: Children Today Charitable Trust: £423.09

Ian Shaw lecture fundraiser: Side by Side Refugees: £180.00