The London School of Astrology is proud to offer students some of the finest astrological teachers – many of whom are world-renowned in the field. All tutors are consultant astrologers, many are published authors, and four of our regular tutors have won the prestigious Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology, a lifetime achievement honour voted for by members of the astrological community. In fact, 18 of the award’s 22 winners have lectured at our school over the years.
Frank Clifford has written a dozen books on astrology and palmistry, guest edited The Mountain Astrologer numerous times, and given over 2000 talks, lectures and seminars in over a dozen countries. The author of the Year 2 text, Getting to the Heart of Your Chart, Frank also publishes books by other authors. In 2012, he won a lifetime honour for his contribution to astrology, and a writing award from ISAR and Regulus Award nomination followed.
Kim Farley has been practising astrology since the late 1980s and has been instrumental in introducing the subject to a generation of astrologers, many of whom now teach around the UK. Kim has a consultation practice and, alongside her astrological work, is a funeral celebrant and a part-time cook. Kim’s handy Mind Maps mini-book is a popular reference work for students.
Richard Swatton is a highly-experienced astrologer and psychotherapist, as well as an accomplished jazz pianist. Richard’s astrology education began in 1976 when he learned traditional, horary and occult–Theosophical approaches to the subject. His first mini-book, From Symbol to Substance, was published in 2012 and a full length, much anticipated volume, The Horary Process, is due in 2022.
Mario Trevino began studying tarot and astrology 20 years ago in his native Mexico and has been practising as a consultant for the past 15 years, using tarot as an insightful tool to encourage self-determination. He also works as a psychologist, trainer and teacher. Mario teaches tarot at beginner and advanced level online for the LSA.
John Wadsworth has been an astrologer for 30 years and is known for his innovative work using experiential astrology. His first book, Your Zodiac Soul, is a very popular introduction to the deeper meanings and purposes of the twelve signs of the zodiac. John has taught a wide range of subjects for the LSA, from money to vocation.
Kira Sutherland divides her time between Australia and Canada and works as an astrologer, naturopath and herbalist. Known for her vibrant, fun and straightforward teaching style, she is also an internationally-recognised, award-winning sports nutritionist. Kira visits us once every couple of years to teach on a number of subjects around health, nutrition and wellbeing.
Brian Clark, creator of the Astro*Synthesis distance learning programme. has been a consulting astrologer and educator for most of his adult life. His series of recently published books on relationships, family, vocation, forecasting and consultancy reflect on his 40-year participation and practice of astrology as a student, counsellor and teacher.
Lynn Bell has been a highly-regarded consulting astrologer for more than 30 years and travels widely as a popular speaker and teacher. She was a regular lecturer at the CMED Institute with Caroline Myss, and Lynn’s book on family patterns, Planetary Threads, was re-issued by Ibis Press in 2013. Lynn visits us from her home in Paris every year to teach facets of psychological astrology.
Mark Jones is an evolutionary astrologer, psychosynthesis therapist and hypnotherapist. He is a very popular workshop leader in the U.S. and has written Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes, and The Soul Speaks: the Therapeutic Power of Astrology, and the mini-book Dialogues with Frank Clifford.
Faye Blake (Cossar) lives and works in Amsterdam and visits the LSA to teach on subjects such as vocational astrology, aspects, working with clients, and dwarf planets such as Ceres. A business astrologer, Faye’s first book was recently updated and retitled Vocational Astrology: Finding the Right Career Direction (Flare, 2017). She lectures online for various schools including for New Moon, the LSA’s branch in China.
Darby Costello is a much-loved astrologer, lecturer and student mentor. She was Head Tutor at the CPA for many years and has written books on the four elements and the Moon. Darby gained an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and in 2013 won the prestigious Charles Harvey Award.
Vicky Maloney holds the CPA’s Certificate in Psychological Astrology, has completed the LSA’s Apprenticeship Programme, and earned the CSCT Certificate in Counselling Skills. She taught an astrology beginners’ class at Biddenham College and continues to see clients and give workshops. Vicky teaches Chiron and the centaurs for us at the London School of Astrology.
Tanya Cohen has been an astrologer for thirty years, training at a number of schools, including the LSA. Tanya is a Reiki healer and an Energetic NLP practitioner who teaches at the LSA on eclipses, the lunation cycle and nodes. She also offers meditations at the New and Full moons.
Over the years, visiting and regular lecturers to the LSA and our annual Student Conference have included Dr Catherine Blackledge, Greg Bogart, Christian Borup, Dr Bernadette Brady, Linda Kubota Byrd, Dr Nicholas Campion, Gary Caton, Wade Caves, Brian Clark, Rev Pamela Crane, Robert Currey, Dr Armand Diaz, Sue Dibnah, Adrian Duncan, Bernard Eccles, Adam Elenbaas, Dennis Elwell, Sue Farebrother, Debbie Frank, John Frawley, Adam Gainsburg, Stormie Grace, John Green, Dr Liz Greene, Judy Hall, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Dr Mike Harding, Derek Hawkins, Lynda Hill, Maggie Hyde, Babs Kirby, Christian König, Dick van der Mark, Tracy Marks, Victor Olliver, Dietrech Pessin, Melanie Reinhart, Samuel Reynolds, Jane Ridder-Patrick, Damian Rocks, Dawn Roffe, Alexander von Schlieffen, Dr Percy Seymour, Nadiya Shah, Christeen Skinner, Neil Spencer, Wendy Stacey, Marcia Starck, Shelley von Strunckel, Kelly Surtees, Komilla Sutton, Dr Richard Tarnas, Yvonne Smith Tarnas, Gisele Terry, Sue Tompkins, Sue Ward, Patricia Walsh, Pete Watson, Dr Mark Williams, and Lynne (Beale) Wilson.
Guest speakers at the annual Palmistry Conference and the Life Patterns Society seminars have included Janet Birdseye, Maura Bright, Darren Brittain, Johnny Fincham, Johan Hjelmborg, Robin Lown, Suzi Morris and Peter West. Recent speakers at the Palmistry Conference have included Lori Reid and Richard Unger.
Some of the LSA’s alumni  have returned to give classes of their own.