The London School of Astrology offers classes, seminars and courses designed to enable the student to use the powerful tools of astrology, tarot and palmistry professionally and for their own personal self-development. It was founded in 2000 to celebrate the start of the new millennium. Since 2004, the LSA has been run and managed hands-on by teacher, publisher and award-winning writer Frank Clifford. 
The aim of the LSA is to provide the highest standard of tuition in a fun and supportive environment from a group of tutors who are highly experienced and respected practitioners in their field.
The LSA continues to teach its courses in London, with its sister schools in China, Japan and other countries, and since late 2019 it has had online options too.
There are a number of horoscopes that can be taken as the chart for the start of the LSA. The one shown below is for the Open Evening (our first public event) on 21 September 2000, 7pm BST in Euston.


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